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About Centurion & Co.

Centurion & Co. is a leading regional incubator and accelerator for Digital, Fintech and Blockchain technologies and startups. Centurion is a unique group of companies incorporating multiple best of breed disciplines in essence, we are an investment advisory firm based in dynamic Dubai covering a full spectrum of services. We facilitate and provide investment advisory services to cover private equity, extending to direct investments in Technology Industry.

Centurion & Co’s success and strength is rooted in its diversity, be it its enviable portfolio or sustained revenue growth. The Company continues to create positive economic impact and long-term value for its stakeholders by investing in growth sectors, which include Mergers & Acquisitions, Fintech & Digital, Blockchain Solutions, E-Commerce & Payment Solutions

Our Services & Solutions

1. Investment & Fundraising for Blockchain, Fintech & Digital Startups

2. End to end services and solutions to enable Security Token Offerings Companies around the world. Our services include: Legal, Business & Blockchain Consulting, Smart Contract, Token Generation, Back end Token Sales through Marketing to Investors Roadshows and Fundraising

3.Blockchain Universal Platform : Middleware and Asset Management allowing business to accelerate the digital transformation and integration of Blockchain technology and applications.

4. Fintech & Payment Platforms : Retail, e-Commerce and Self Service Payment Platforms

5. Digital Sales & Marketing Solutions : Customer Engagement and Automation

Chairman’s Message

As a 20+ years serial entrepreneur, I have grown startups and tech companies from ground zero to multi-millions USD businesses, we built our expertise across multinational cloud software companies, digital payment and blockchain companies by nurturing and building entrepreneurship ecosystems in the MENA region.
We created Centurion & Co to become a leading incubator and accelerator growing investments through active participation, marketing and adding value wherever the opportunities arise.

We drive entrepreneurial development and thinking, and we look for new opportunities throughout our sector.

I believe strongly in empowering people, process and customer experience to ensure company growth and sustainability. Our success is based on the total commitment of our people, who represent our most valuable asset.

Technology & Advisory

We help our clients develop strategies to unleash business value from innovative technologies like blockchain, fintech, cloud and analytics – increasing efficiency and effectiveness to drive growth across the organisation.

Blockchain & Innovation

We focus on building next-generation applications using blockchain and smart contract technology, speeding up your team’s understanding of the potential opportunities for your business and helping you create a blockchain strategy you can use today.

We are growth promoters accelerating blockchain startups and ICO projects across the region and beyond, using metric driven approaches and proven strategies to drive you success.

Our Portfolio

We are experts in business transformation with proven in-house centres of strategic excellence. With over 35+ years of expertise, we use process-driven, time-tested strategies working with leading brands across multi-industry sectors.

Grow your brand with us.

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