Business Management

Government & Compliance

01. Governance

Evaluation of hierarchy and structures to enable standardization of the processes. We write procedures that incorporate all the fundamental controls with respect to the managing internal and internal processes.

02. Legal

We offer in providing company formation services in the UAE and solutions aimed at supporting business ideas or international companies.

03. Compliance

We offer compliance advisory services around strategic business decisions, offering cost-effectives support for routine activities.

The Centurion Expertise

Recreate your business prospects backed by Centurion expert advisors and business management experts

We specialize in realizing opportunities and expanding possibilities. With more than 30 years of expansive knowledge in the segments of digital strategy, finance and advisory including notable achievements in the fintech industries, we are the pioneers in accelerating ideas to be more.

End to end consultancy and management for businesses

Research Excellence

Creation of knowledge that goes beyond data, our approach is to provide the analytical insights to anticipate needs.

Technology Drivers

Exploring new technology segments to realize better opportunities for our clientele and encourage customer-centric innovation.

Strategists & Implementers

Experienced specialists with an expansive insight into multiple industry sectors to position business concepts for success.

Financial Services

We have a network of financial specialists who can help turn challenges into opportunities through robust, independent and professional advice on today’s most important issues. We are client focused in our approach, providing practical, commercial and innovative solutions

Services Include

Risk Management, Audit, Corporate Finance Advisory, Family Business & Entrepreneur Advisory

Added Segments

• Set up, assess and enhance company internal financial policies • Develop budget and CF template, financial statements templates and company financial reporting structure according to business model • ERP set up and CRM implementation • Assigning internal audit and external audit • Set up of secure cash collection cycle, operational finance structure, smart reporting for sales, collection, receivables, and stock • Assess and set up operational finance structure • Review evaluate and enhance sales reporting for collection, receivables, and stock

Project Management & More

Align your business priorities and goals with our expert consultants – attain your strategic milestones, faster.


We help our clients understand market needs and customer behavior by providing an outside looking in perspective. Our services accelerate market and business strategy, reallocating resources and setting up a sustainable strategic direction. Services include brand design, communication, experience design, customer experience solutions, SEO management, social media, packaging and more.

HR Services

We offer HR consultancy, delivering the flexible, practical employment support that your business needs. We help build your team infrastructure and support your business functions allowing you to focus on managing your business. Services include people advisory services, talent management, talent development, workforce planning and hiring, and more. 

Brand Strategy

Help business leaders drive performance and operational efficiency, bringing you the expertise and tools needed to help create and sustain organizational success. Benefit from one point responsibility, improved timelines, cost and quality, benchmarked compliances, quality assurance and more.