Disruptive Technologies for the Future


Centurion is leveraging an ecosystem of partners to enable Blockchain and disruptive distributed technologies. We design business models and products creating innovative use cases in real estate, renewable energy, advertising, influencer marketing, healthcare, digital production and many other sectors
What is Blockchain?

Why it is so crucial to the future of the business?

Blockchain is an electronically distributed ledger allowing permanent digital records and trustful applications via a network of computers.

We are a leading regional incubator and accelerator for blockchain powered concepts and STO offerings.

Blockchain is revamping the way businesses and individuals engage with each other by enhancing trust around transactions while revolutionizing fund raising and empowering security, transparency, reducing costs of operations.

We focus on building next-generation applications using blockchain and smart contract technology.

We speed up your team’s understanding of the blockchain and its potential opportunities for your business and help you to create a blockchain strategy you can use today.

Blockchain Application & Network

  • Define blockchain platform strategy
  • Architecture and design 
  • Build a blockchain network

Blockchain Innovation Lab

  • Co-innovation and experimentation 
  • Configure blockchain networks in on-prem or cloud environments

Ideation Engagements

  • Ideate, evaluate and shortlist use cases for experimentation 
  • Launch pilot projects to prove business value and technology impact